Mocca 2010

Sorry it's been so long! I've been really swamped with AP tests coming up in 3 weeks, and barely have time to finish all my papers, let alone finish the layout by may AND update the blog! Hopefully I'll get back on track soon...

In the meantime, I did take a break from my work to go to Mocca today, and I had so much fun! I passed out a lot of copies of the last issue (though I still have 50 copies or so clogging up my dresser drawer still if anyone's interested), and met some really interesting people. It was especially fun to meet some of the comic artists that I've only ever seen online (hi ines) Best of all, I got loads of swag! I don't have many pictures, the friend I brought along as a photographer got a little distracted, but this one here's the good stuff anyways. Enjoy! (If you want any more info on any specific thing in the picture, feel free to post or email me - I'll probably be writing about a lot of them in the coming weeks!)

Cheers to everyone I talked to! And don't forget, we're still taking submissions for the next issue, as well as the one after that, so please send in anything and everything!


inés said...

it was really nice to meet you elizabeth! thank you fo rmy domestic etch!!!!

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