Jesus christ this is amazing. Gives me a whole new sense of digital illustration. Spectacular work!


Jan Feliks Kallwejt

Some people are just unfairly amazing. The limited color schemes and simple shapes only serve to enhance this guys crazy cheeky ridiculous conceptual brain. Not to imply that he's not good at rendering or graphics either, because damn straight he is. Bravo. But seriously I am in love with this guy and everything he has ever done. (Oh and he operates out of Warsaw and Barcelona, which only makes the whole thing even more unfair)

Check out his website

Karina Eibatova's Life is a Magic

What a sweet series! And because I couldn't help myself, I'm tacking some on from
"Life in the Alphabet" as well, because her pencil work is just that amazing. She also has some really wonderful photos on her photo flickr.

Here's her main site though (she has a behance as well, but she's part of the dopludo collective and I had a weirdly hard time figuring out what was her specific link/works and what was theirs!) http://www.flickr.com/photos/eika_dopludo/

Klassen's work for Coraline

I posted about Jon quite a while back (here) but I saw some of his Coraline drawings recently and thought I might elaborate on why I love this guy...
Like before, I love the flatness of his paintings as well as his variegated line-work, and he's supernatural with textures. Despite the wintry scenes, his work isn't without humor, and a lot of it is quite cute! Reminds me a bit of Adam Hancher (our back cover artist for the most recent issue!)

But really, the repost is for the fact that he also did some really great development work for Coraline back in the day, which other than being really wonderfully in sync with the direction the movie went (which no surprise, I thought was a GREAT) is fantastic in its own right. Really makes you think about all the different art styles that compile to create a film with such a clear design direction.
Anyways, definitely check out his site lots of Coraline work and more, there is a ton of stuff to see including some videos, and yet again, I had a super hard time deciding what to post.


Nick Edwards

Some people never stop working (I mean, or being amazing)


Ward Roberts

Every once and a while I get an email from an artist suggesting I take a look at their work; I usually quite enjoy what I'm sent, and rarely decline featuring them. But when Ward Roberts sent me an email the other day, I was blown away. I really wish I'd come across him myself, and can't believe I haven't seen more of his work around.

Anyways: I love his courts series - it's funny to think of all the ways in which the idea of "court" can be manifested, and the flat angle he shoots from gives the photos a nice consistency while also allowing for switches between various color and texture.
That said, I love "minimum" just as much, for well, it's simple minimalism. The series is so subtle-classic yet contemporary- and it took me 3 looks to realize what that first image was a picture of (won't give it away!).
Lastly though, I am obsessed with "48 hours." I don't even know how to describe the series, let alone figure out exactly how Ward shot it, but it's simply beautiful. There's a lot of variety in the series; some photos are especially embryonic, others oceanic and sensual, and a few almost alien.

I don't want to blabber on or post too many pictures, so definitely check out his site for more amazing work. I really hope he puts up some new images soon, because I can't wait to see more.
- Elizabeth

Janine Rewell

What a fun mix of clean Finnish lines and quirky folk geometry! I love the variety, and can't help but smile at the tanning design she has. Hooray for new media methods?


Ryan Meis and Sarah Labieniec: Lab Partners

Adorable and perfectly retro. Even their little "about us" picture is so charming it hurts. Great color schemes as well, and a good letterpress print makes everything so much better. Theres a lot more images on their blog, including an awesome little series of gouache houses on wood. Just realized they did the commercial with the peacocks for HP ink as well, pretty fun!

here's the one!