Paul Bordeleau

I was actually flipping through our followers (40, wow!) when I came across some of Paul's sketches, and I was quite taken! They have such a nice graphic simplicity. The uneven pen lines and subtle color block shading are very charming. Most of the work I chose above seems to be from his "blue period" (He organizes his work into Picasso-like color periods), which I think might be my favorite such period of his. I love how the little streaks of blue in these keep the pieces from being too gloomy, but still vaguely mysterious. That said, I especially love the "Oncle John Claude" one, the black and white is so clean and classic.

His blog is in French, which I'm at a complete loss to understand, but it also looks like he recently was nominated for some sort of graphic novel award? I tried to google translate it, but that never turns out well. Well either way, definitely check him out. As I said, these are just his quick sketches, but his illustration work is really great as well, and definitely deserving of a look (It has lot more textures, but still the same quirky shapes and line variation)
Hooray for mutual blogging! for the rest of his work


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