Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade is a fantastic painter. Take a look at any of her pieces, and you can see just how precise her technical work is. But if look a little closer, you realize it may not be a painting you're seeing...
If you can't tell yet from the pictures, Alexa Meade paints people. Literally.
This shit is not only crazy, but beautiful. it just takes optical illusions to a whole new level.
I think she say's it herself perfectly, of course:

"My painting technique pushes the boundaries of perception, compressing 3D space into a 2D plane, effectively blurring the lines between art and life. The living paintings series is my spin on reality. By wrapping my subject in a mask of paint, I skew the way that the core of the subject is perceived. Typically, when you look at a painting, you're looking at an artist’s interpretation of the subject painted on canvas. In my artistic interpretation of the subject, I paint directly on top of the subject I am referencing rather than using canvas. Essentially, my art imitates life – on top of life. For example, with Portrait of a Self-Portrait you are simultaneously looking at a portrait I painted of myself, a photo I took of myself, and at me." - Alexa Meade

She has a nice portfolio site (posted above) but you can see a lot more of her work at her flickr it seems. I really encourage you to check it out, your mind will be blown. The colors and subtle painted backdrops only serve to complement the crazily realistic and interesting scenes she sets up. Truly beautiful and thought provoking. Bravo!


Alice said...

Yes, she is incredible!!
Did you see this on Today and Tomorrow, or on the FAD facebook page?


Elizabeth said...

No, my friend sent it to me a while back because she was doing a similar project herself : )

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