Steven Quinn

Steven sent me an email the other day, and I must say, I was very impressed by him! I love his illustration work; the textures he uses look so nice with the clean type he layers on top (you knew it was coming!) This watercolor type combo looks especially nice on images like the africa love (title?). His paintings are fun too, very choppy and graphic.
However, he also has some really wonderful photos and advertising design, which impressed me equally with their variety. Definitely someone to keep your eye on. Thanks Steven!

Domestic Etch #2 Available for Puchase!

It's finally here! Our first issue is available for purchase at magcloud right now!

This issue features interviews with Adam Hancher, Jon Burgerman, T Shirt designer Calin Sarbut, Omar Pineda, Brian Jobe, Camilla D'Errico, and painter and children's book author Oliver Jeffers. It also showcases original art by Benjamin Constantine, Danielle Estefan, Maarten Donders, Jake Gagne, Caitlin Shearer, Elena Niento, and many more, along with articles on package design, video game art, Tim Burton, and Ryan McGinness. Our absolutely wonderful cover art is done by ZhiShi design.

It's 52 full color pages, and was really really expensive to make, so we would appreciate it so much if you could buy a few copies, donate money, and as always, submit work. We'd also be really grateful if anyone would feature our magazine on their blog to promote sales.

We're also going to start doing ads in our next issue, so if anyone is interested in buying some page space, we'd love to work with you. You can advertise your website, blog, store, anything really. We're selling half and whole pages.

Thanks again for the support you guys, hope you enjoy the issue!

Daniel "Aphte" Abensour: Secret Cavern

Love love love it! Fun characters, fun scenes, fun colors, fun everything. While the characters are certainly a very specific style, to me, the gradient and texture details are really what make his pieces so unique. Plus, he did our cover, so you gotta love him. Please check out more on his site, I really could barely decide what to show here...
- Elizabeth 

Hairy Font

I'm loving this font by Matt Ritchie, he has some really fun typography and packaging concepts on his website.
- Elizabeth

Gary Clarke: Graphic Nothing

Gary calls his work "Retro Futuristic Folk Graphics", which is spot on, if not a little goofy.
People go overboard so often on work like this, but his stuff is so perfectly simple. I especially love the set of bubble-like patterns because they really showcase his spectacular color sense. He also used to do some great work for Radiohead, Portishead, Nick Cave, Badly Drawn Boy... very cool.

Genevieve Kote

Simply adorable! Her pictures are super cute and funny, but also very modern and graphic.
I especially find the way she draws her people with upturned noses and in kind of wobbly positions very sweet. It's also very cool to see her sketches.

I can really see why children's magazines love her so much! I only wish she had more on her site!

Danny Roberts

Danny manages to capture the clear beauties of fashion while still giving his work a unique eye. I love how soft and almost purposely imperfect his work is. It's very natural, and yet definitely striking. I especially love his fun "blogger portraits" series. Maybe Ill make it on there one day!


Aimee Brodeur

Wonderful photos, especially the black and white. So stark and crisp, great composition. I'm especially in love with the branch in the first picture.

Matthew Anderson

this is a little old, but worth a look:

Matthew is really skilled at branding/identity, but I especally loved his work for "Miss Jessies"
The typography is really bold and striking, especially the stark black text.
I love the subtle scalloping as well, it's barely noticeable on the bottles at first, but then you start to recognize it.

Definitely look for more of his work, his newer stuff is equally great.

Brian Wade Scott

Brian's work is surprisingly varied in medium and style, but they're all so sweet, simple, and crisp. I'm definitely a fan, and can't wait to see more.