Caitlin Shearer Pencil Girls

Loving these new pencil drawings Caitlin Shearer's done for the nine lives gallery in Brisbane.

Ben Aslett

I was chit-chatting with Benjamin Wright and he mentioned that his friend, Ben Aslett, read my blog. I was flattered, and proceeded to look him up. Needless to say, I was impressed. Aslett has a really nice sense of composition, and draws these great goofy characters. They remind me a bit of those old duplo dolls - but far cuter of course! My favorite works of his are the (earlier?) more pastel colored ones - they have a nice geometric simplicity, and I do love an illustration on a white background. Cheers to mutual artists friends!

It's my birthday!

There's nothing particularly special about turning 17, but a birthday's a birthday, and today is mine!
If anyone is so inclined, birthday posts/arty presents would cheer me up while I have the flu and wait on my college acceptance (rejection?) letters.

Lots of love, and thanks to everyone for reading etch. You guys make me so happy!

Here's a lovely picture my pal Alex (It's a jackal) drew of me a while back.

Call for submissions

Hey guys - we're starting to collect for our valentines issue and would love to see what you've got! Send us some art to before Dec 17th to get some love

(Also, you should all like us on facebook to get more news...)

Kris Knight

This guy is a freaking GOD. Though I wish I could claim to have stumbled across him on my own, I found his images over at the beautiful new kitsune noir the fox is black blog.
Regardless, I am completely smitten. It's no surprise Kris is Canadian - there's something distinctly canuck about the pale faces and rosy cheeks. I also have no shame in admitting most Canadians are beautiful, which is clearly equally portrayed in the succulent pouts and glossy skin of his models.
While I do love "deadly nightshade", even his oldest works are stunning. They're sometimes not as moonlit, but remain compelling in the same mysterious way. I'm literally swooning right now. Anyways, I have already made "run deep" my desktop background and can't stop looking at it. Check out his flickr for a full collection of all his work, and his website for more info.

Chelsey Barnes

So cute!

Kate Pugsley

What a sweetheart! I especially love the paintings. Go Kate!

Lee Bretschneider

Talented, an awesome sense of humor, and loves lost? What more is there to say.

Ryan Shultz

I looked through this guy's whole portfolio before realizing he was on that bravo TV show. NOT TO PIGEONHOLE HIM OR ANYTHING THOUGH because he's actually really talented. Love the juxtaposition of hyperrealist oil with such gritty subject matter. Go Ryan!

Andy Smith

Awesome typography, wacko characters, amazing colors... I'm in love! Andy is an english illustrator, and has had some pretty big name clients like McDonalds, Sony, Nickelodean, Nike, and several other companies any pre-teen/teenage boy would die to be affiliated with. That said, Andy is able to make quirky childlike designs with a surprisingly mature sensibility, including some pretty witty captions. He has a cool animation for Nike as well, and I definitely hope he does more of these. Visit his site here!