Ville Varumo

Bobby Solomon at Kitsune Noir featured Ville Varumo this afternoon, and I couldn't help but repost some of his pictures. I decided I'd focus more on his landscapes and portraits though, since Bobby posted still lifes...
Anyways, I am really impressed. His photos look almost like digital vectors, or oil paintings; they have so much depth. I really love that he's not afraid of simplicity either, like in his monotone lanscapes and the really straightfoward 3/4 portraits with simple lighting.
I can't wait to see more from him. Definitely check out his website.


Cathy said...

Lots of great art here. I really like this guy's work too. I thought the first picture was a painting or etching when I first spotted it. It seems to have that quality. I love moody and uncluttered photos.

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