Test Everything

I got published in this month's test everything (Top image, I'm the falling girls on the right) and thought I'd finally write a long overdue post on them.

Test everything is run by Rand Refrow, and features 16 artists each (sometimes monthly) issue. They're all 2 colors, and include one common phrase. Past issues have had phrases like...
"Everything's ok, I drew this for you"
"Hugs will save us"
"remember the good times"
"don't worry about the smiles, they're normal"
"I'll see you in my dreams (above). I've included some pictures from past issues at the top.
Mainly though, I am completely in awe of how much time and effort Rand puts into the project. He hand silkscreens and assembles at least 30+ copies of every issue, and runs a blog at the same time. He also prints a ton of cool artist prints (Will Bryant ♥.) and does some pretty cool work himself (his personal stuff is the last image on the tan paper up top)
Here's where they're at:

Current theme is "it is a pleasure to meet you" with colors turqouise and black, due January 22nd, so submit something at testeverythingpress@gmail.com


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