Andrew Bell

Andrew bell is an 18 year old collage artist from Illinois, just getting started in the art world. He's definitely still getting his footing as far as the medium goes, but I think he has an interesting take that could develop into something unique. Here's what he had to say about himself:

I enjoy the pleasure of recombining and controlling the images, generally through manicure scissors and a glue stick, though I sometimes use a printer or computer. I like the pretense of art with religious or mystical imagery; art that is motivated by or created by some 'other' state of mind. I take inspiration from a large variety of art but I especially like the works of American and Japanese 60's poster artists and surrealist photomontages.
By directly cutting out and 'claiming' an image I find fascinating/exciting it empowers the collage with the same feeling, enhanced or controlled by the other images. Each element added around these central themes make a new whole that tries to combine or purify some trait in the original picture I found exciting. I like my art to feature reoccurring images and pictures, each picture as a sort of hieroglyphic. I hope this isn't too pretentious/too much information or not the right kind, but I thought I'd give a bit of information on how/why I make the things I've shown you.


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