Richard Hogg

I wish I was him. He has such clean bright crisp images, and such fun characters that are cute but totally pervy at the same time. The guy is also in a band called satan's c**k. I'm so in love...
check out the last one on his site for a wickedly lovely desktop animation

Jon Burgerman

In interviewed Jon for the latest issue of Domestic Etch (still available over at mag cloud!) and thought I'd put a few little answer tidbits in here to entice you. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite decade?
Whatever decade we're in right now. Can't look back, don't over project forward, try and enjoy the now, man!

You've done a lot of 3D work like heroes of burgertown, what do you like about it as opposed to 2D?
I like the physically. I like that you can hold the work in your hand, chew on the head of a character and watch it topple over on your desk.

How would you explain your art to someone who has never seen it?
Imagine you've just sneezed out a colourful ink blot of worms and jam.

How do you think technology has influenced the art world? How has it affected your art specifically?
It's made things happen quicker. It's helped me a great deal in getting my work out and about in a relatively cheapand efficient manner. Now I potentially can send more and chat to people anywhere in the world with ease.I'm sure it's played its part in how my work looks but I'm always mindful of keeping the technology side of thingsin check. All my work starts off as a pen drawing on paper. It has to work there before it can go digital. Having said that I've just got a Wacom Cintiq which allows be to draw directly on to my computer monitor. It's been interestingdabbling and playing with it, and I'm already thinking of how I can make different and new works with it. Even though it's excellentI don't think it will ever replace analogue drawing for me, but it will offer new possibilities.


The Jacky Winter Group

If you find a cool Australian artist, I can pretty much guarantee you they are represented by this awesome agency. I'll definitely be posting more from them soon, but here's just a few nuggets to start off.


Neryl Walker

Lachlan Conn


Louise McLennan

One of my favorites, so crisp and geometric and fun and poppy. Another one of those people whose vectors and marker drawings are both so cool that you barely even notice the difference.

Eva Juszczuk

I sure hope I got the name right...
Fantastic drawings, they are totally cute and dorky and colorful but also have just the right amount of weirdness.

Bonnie Seifert

A lot of her work is very stark, I love the silhouettes. The blood like paintings she has are nowhere near as creepy as I thought they would be, in fact, I find them to be some of my favorites. So natural and beautiful with the contrasting ink.

Gizem Vural

A self proclaimed minimalist whose patterns and illustrations are adorable, and who speaks japanese, turkish, english, and is learning chinese!

Laura McKellar

So sweet, especially love the embroidery mixed with photos. I also think the way she crops her images to triangle and circles.

Philip Elliot

Fun, creepy, sad, pixelly, ominous, everything you could want in a simple little drawing.