Sorry for such a big break! I'll try and post more often but I have a lot of work piling up and sure don't need anymore by adding even more artists to interview

nonetheless, for the sake of design, here you go...

Gaulicho reminds me of a modern Keith Harring
his graffiti is very distinctive, and he does great color work and silkscreens
he has the same bold lines and odd shapes, as well as the underlying political message in many pieces
check out his site!

Never Rider

I love how flat these look, though that sounds weird. But very cool, and interesting color choices.

Ryan Bubnis

Kind of folk arty and artisan like with it's watercolor looking colors, yet totally modern. Love his blind toy collection for kid robot, heroes and heatbreakers. I got them for a few people as (I'm lame...) party favors a bit back and they were very well recieved! Anyways, enough about my awkward party, look at his awesome site!

Deke Smith

Love it! Great t-shirts, and really funky line work.

Option G

Awesome band posters/covers for awesome bands. THAT'S IT. Look at the website for many many more cool things.

Hunted Down Studio

This studio does a lot of great work for adult swim, some for cartoon network, and some really cool album covers.

Elena Kostyrina & Julia Lukyanchenko

Really fun animations, fun colors, fun everything! I love how they include words into their designs, and I think the Russian alphabet is just so beatiful. Check it out, though you might need google translate...

Frode Skaren

Too cool, so much variety. Especially love the b&w moleskine drawings

Emily Minnie

Her paintings are very soft, and incredibley realistic, displaying a strong sense of motion, almost like they were straight off of a quickly shot disposable camera. Amazing charcol drawings as well.