Inés Estrada (Inechi)

Inés Estrada, or Inechi, is perhaps one of my favorite artists I've seen all year. Her work is absolutely stunning. Her character designs are incredibly unique, and her childlike, disconnected penwork complemented by rainbow watercolors are wonderfully nostalgic. However, despite their beauty, her comics are also goofy and fun, and make anyone seeing them smile. I love how she's from Mexico City, and yet not only has influences from her hometown, but from japan, and europe, drawing cats and kanji and tons of other adorably creepy cute things. In attempt to avoid picture overload, I'm only putting a few drawings up, but she's published tons of funky zines and has loads of awesome personal journals dating way back on her website. I know I always say this but FOR REAL, go on her website right now. I'll know.


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