Daniel Chastinet

I love this guy! His penwork is totally quirky and robotic and complex, and his characters are super cool. I especially like his full color pieces though, he has a really good sense of colors, and the subject matter is just plain fun and weird. Daniel has 199 things in his flickr alone, so go see some more sweet stuff there.
And uh, typography? What's not to love.
- Elizabeth

Inés Estrada (Inechi)


Inés Estrada, or Inechi, is perhaps one of my favorite artists I've seen all year. Her work is absolutely stunning. Her character designs are incredibly unique, and her childlike, disconnected penwork complemented by rainbow watercolors are wonderfully nostalgic. However, despite their beauty, her comics are also goofy and fun, and make anyone seeing them smile. I love how she's from Mexico City, and yet not only has influences from her hometown, but from japan, and europe, drawing cats and kanji and tons of other adorably creepy cute things. In attempt to avoid picture overload, I'm only putting a few drawings up, but she's published tons of funky zines and has loads of awesome personal journals dating way back on her website. I know I always say this but FOR REAL, go on her website right now. I'll know.

Christopher Charlie Isoe

How can you not love a mixed media piece that includes "paper collage, oil, blood, salivia, matchsticks, pins, and semen" as materials used. So human, and surprisingly beautiful. His paintings are wonderfully complex as well, and his "walls" are so unique. Definitely look at more of his work when you have the time.
- Elizabeth

Fernando Chamarelli

Fernando's work has really cool Aztec influences, yet also seems totally modern, and almost robotic at times. I love his color choices as well, duh.
- Elizabeth

Homeless Cop


I love how geometric Jason "homeless cop"'s pieces are. His titles are great, and evoke a similar emotion to the picture while still being completely irrelevant. Very puzzle like, there's not a single pixel of unused space in each image. He's done some cool work for adult swim as well.

thanks to the tip and help from Sam

Carlos Serrao

Fantastic photographer. Black and white can be tricky, but Serrao manages to get not only old fashioned film right, but also architectural photography and emotional portraits spot on with his newest multiple exposure  series. His 3 piece series of elderly women and men is striking as well. More on his site
- Elizabeth

Camilla d'Errico

Camilla's paintings are so sweet, and I love her candy colors. I especially love the bizarre animals she uses in her paintings (nothing like a giraffe on your head!). One of my favorites is her piece for the High Fructose exhibit bitters and sweets, the red ants go so creepily well with the pink cotton candy hair and pop. Check out her website for more fun, cute girls.
- Elizabeth

Fast Facts with the Artist:

How old are you?
Turning 29 ... almost too old!

Where do you live currently?
I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I grew up in a small town in central BC surrounded by fields and forests and nature.

What’s your education background?
I have a degree in illustration and design.

What are you working on right now?
I'm working on Sky Pirates of Neo Terra - the 5 issue mini series published by Image Comics and based on my videogame of the same name (releases Spring 2010 on Nintendo DS and Wii).

Are you a full time artist?
Luckily, yes!

What materials do you usually work with?
I work with a Bic pen for comics, Photoshop for colours and design work and water soluble oils for paintings.

Your pieces have such fun candy colors, what kind of paint do you use?
Water soluble oils, which are amazing! I mix all my own colours.

In high school what clique were you in?
the anti-clique

What’s your favorite decade and why?
the 80's. Best cartoons ever!

Is your art representational or abstract?
probably a bit of both.

Is your art meant to send a specific message to the viewer, or available for individual interpretation?
my art is always open to interpretation. I have my own story to tell when I paint, but my paintings aren't meant to say something, rather they are an expression of me and I enjoy hearing other people's interpretations of them.

When and why did you decide to be an artist?
For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be an artist. I first realized I could draw when I was 5. It is who I am; I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

What’s something you’ve never been able to do successfully?
do 3D turnarounds

Where do you most want to travel to?
Japan, Tokyo - but I just went there in August! It was a dream come true.

Fat Mouse (Calin Sarbut)

This guy has some wicked t-shirt designs. I love his psychedelic color schemes, and his wacky drips and alien animals. I'm pretty sure you can vote for some tees at tilteed and design by humans so you can buy some for all those little sci-fi obsessed brothers out there. 
- Elizabeth

Fast Facts with the artist (From our first issue!):

How old are you?
I'm 26 years old

Where do you live currently?
I'm currently live in Romania, I'm planning to move in Denmark later this year

What’s your education background?
Art high school (painting department) after graduation i took a job as a painter in an italian paint studio in that time I studied graphic design which was a 3 years course at the Arad School of Arts, after that a t-shirt printing company hired me as a graphic designer where i learn a lot about t-shirts graphics and printing

Who is your favorite artist right now?
Eamo Donnelly and Alex Trochut

What are you working on right now?
I'm working on some illustrations for a Jamaican clothing company. Fun project, they are really nice guys

Are you a full time artist?
Yes, I make a living from art, I'm a full time freelancer

How often do you work on your art? What are your patterns?
I spend from 5 to 12 hours on illustrations, most of the time i work all night and sleep all day

What materials do you usually work with?
Pen, paper, photoshop illustrator and of course my Wacom tablet

Describe your process of crafting a new piece of work.
I sketch on paper then scan, inking in illustrator then i put the colors in photoshop

How would you explain your art to someone who has never seen it?

When is your favorite time to work?
By night

Is your art representational or abstract?
Most of the time is representational

What kind of music do you listen to?Reggae and dubstep lately

What’s something you’ve never been able to do successfully?

What’s your favorite color?

Where do you most want to travel to?
Australia (i think is the perfect,/peaceful continent)

What programs do you use?
Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS2

Bryan Dalton


Bryan Dalton has a fantastic sense of color and space. I'm really impressed with how he takes simple everyday objects and plain color backgrounds, and makes really fun, interesting compositions out of them.

Bruno 9li


Bruno is one of my favorite contemporary artists right now. His characters are so fun, and I love the solid blocks of color and black. Every series of his is unique, but they all have the same fun palettes, east asian themes, and fun geometric shapes. He has so much work on his website to look at, so please take some time to marvel at his amazing silkscreens and exhibits!