Alex Pardee

I had a really difficult time picking out a selection of images for Alex Pardee, because the sheer amount and varying styles of his work are impressive enough. He has 288 personal works on his site, let alone his diverse collection of commercial art, toys, graffiti and photos! He's designed toys for jap-giants like Kidrobot, with a special affection for creeped out bunnies [see image 1.] in bizarre situations (job interview bunny?). He also does some pretty wicked street art that uses strangely pastel colors to contrast the very scary, invader zim-esque drippy tendrils and spikes that often appear in his works. In his personal gallery, his layering of ink, watercolor, and sometimes text, creates a beautifully haunting conglomerate of textures, adding up to complex drawings of the terrifying, cute, and unexpected.
- Elizabeth


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