Todd Kapke

I was trying to clean up our facebook page ( and happened to see Todd as one of the fans. He had an interesting profile picture, so I clicked onto his profile and then to his website, and found some very fun work! He does these very cool photo illustration mashups unlike anything I've seen before that are not quite digital manipulations, but not collages either. I especially love the last one, it gets across the point (spread for bike magazine, about the mentality of biking), plus reminds me a lot of levi van veluw's forest-y series (below). Long story short, Todd's works have just the right balance of humor, digital graphics, and vintage influence. He also has a cool section on his website that shows his "process, which is pretty interesting as well, considering I would have no idea otherwise on how he works.

Here's his website:

It's my birthday!

a happy birthday gift drawing to myself! Though you know, I'd love if anyone else wanted to draw me something...

Fluorescent Hill

Mark Lomond and Johanna Ste-Marie at Montreal based Fluorescent Hill makes some of the coolest music videos (and commercials for that matter) I've ever seen. Watch all of these and cry at your inferiority

Their website is pretty too!

Justin Bryan Nelson

So simple and sweet. I love the roughness of the ink, the limited color scheme, and the imperfect paper. I would be very happy to hang a set of these on my wall, they're just so perfectly unassuming.

Visit Justin's site here:

Will Bramlett

Will is a graphic designer at the National Institutes of Health. How amazingly cool is that? No, but really. Spectacular. My two loves are science and art.
Anyways, he has a really nice clean style, and his freelance work is really nice too. I love the way he draws hands. And the icing on the cake? He has really fun fonts.

Visit his site here, but check his flickr if you want to see stuff more regularly. He's on yay everday as well.

Nicole Semanas

Her designs are fun and crisp, and her drawings soft and natural. Lots of depth and color; very impressive! And then there's this animation

See her flickr here

Patrick Edgeley

Patrick Edgeley (or, Antigraphic) is a wonderful textile designer! While some of his other prints have more complicated compositions, I found these cleaner prints to be the most appealing.
The hand lettering on the pots is great, and the imperfections just make it so charming. In general, the rough quality of his shapes make them seem even more retro to me, like a 50's kitchen towel. I also think he chose the perfect colors for these.
Check out his new website for some more fun prints!

Ville Varumo

Bobby Solomon at Kitsune Noir featured Ville Varumo this afternoon, and I couldn't help but repost some of his pictures. I decided I'd focus more on his landscapes and portraits though, since Bobby posted still lifes...
Anyways, I am really impressed. His photos look almost like digital vectors, or oil paintings; they have so much depth. I really love that he's not afraid of simplicity either, like in his monotone lanscapes and the really straightfoward 3/4 portraits with simple lighting.
I can't wait to see more from him. Definitely check out his website.

Justin "Jublin" White

I'm really digging this guy... He does so many different styles, and all equally well. I love the textures he uses in his digital work, it really makes the sharp lines pop, but I'm especially loving all the fun little series he does. My favorite is his pokemon project where he " imagines each character recuperating inside their pokeball after a long battle." Anyways, I respect any guy who can make actually good fan art. And he's cute too! Check out his website and his dA for a lot more fun stuff.

Laura McKeller

Her embroidery masks may be some of the coolest things I have ever seen.
I stuck some more of her work after this blurb as well, I love her modern take on all the 50's images she uses, and the round and triangular shapes. Great textures as well. ( for now it seems!)